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Not everyone can afford to purchase themselves a beautiful beach house, but that doesn’t mean that weekend retreat can’t be yours. Bulgarian designer Hristina Hristova took matters into her own hands, building the Koleliba mobile cabin for her family to enjoy.

This DIY vacation home is more than just your average tiny house, it’s actually a cabin on wheels. In fact the word Koleliba is a Bulgarian word that translates to “hut on wheels.” The hut is basically an oiled-plywood box with broad glazing and a glass door that swings open to let in plenty of fresh air and natural light. The space spans 97 square feet with nearly 8 feet high ceilings, helping the space to feel much larger than it actually is, while modular furniture helps further conserve space in this micro mobile dwelling.

Koleliba-Mobile-Cabin-by-Hristina-Hristova-4 Koleliba-Mobile-Cabin-by-Hristina-Hristova-7